These shots show Jules Riding on tour in October 2010, launching his new album called Cataclysm.

Click here to watch Cataclysm on YouTube and download tracks. Click here to buy the Cataclysm CD, DVD, and music book, as well as Jules' other CDs and music books.

When I saw hordes of people - both on and off the stage - scattered amongst mountains of equipment I told Jules that it looked like he'd bought the circus to town :-)

Click here to see a small set of photos showing Jules at another concert.

Click here if you're a cast member and wanting copies of photos.

To the best of my knowledge all the singers and musicians are included in these photos.

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Mandeno Moments
Thanks Raymond, that was the best $5 I ever spent :-)
Raymond Sanson(non-registered)
Impressive photos my friend.

Have done Jules and all proud.

You're a skillful man behind a camera.
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